The Control & Robotics Career Fair (CRF) is organized yearly by students from three different master student associations.

  • D.S.A Kalman
  • Stabilo
  • S.A. Asimov

Our goals include the continuous improvement of the academic, social and business aspects for our students. In pursuit of the latter, we organize the annual Control Career Fair.

Our goal is to form an event specifically tailored to students and companies specializing in control and robotics, where all can network, exchange and learn on the different applications of controls and robotics.

D.S.A Kalman

D.S.A. Kalman is the study association of the Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC), representing students pursuing a masters degree in Systems and Control. It was officially founded in March 2017, as a continuation of our predecessor “Out of Control”.



Stabilo is the study association representing master student from the control and simulation track at the Aerospace engineering faculty at TU Delft.

S.A. Asimov

Study Association Asimov is the official study association that represents the Master degrees Robotics  at Delft University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Delft). The mission of Study Association Asimov is to help students on their path to becoming successful members of the robotics community.

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